Beware of Fake Data While Investing in a Mailing List

Oh yes! Fake data really exists. A lot of marketers get overwhelmed when they are investing into mailing lists thinking it will help them generate plenty of business for their organization. However, a lot of times, things don’t go the way they expect. Since they fail to do enough research while selecting their database vendor, they are often handed with a low-quality list that is full of incorrect customer names, invalid phone numbers, and imaginative mailing addresses. Eventually, they meet an unfortunate fate in terms of their marketing campaigns.

Once Beaten Twice Shy  

Once having a bad experience buying ready-made email database, they form a negative impression of marketing data as the basis for their promotional campaigns. They start believing that investing in mailing lists is a futile activity and try to manage with whatever internal resources they have. What they miss out in the process are the advantages that they could have actually unlocked using a high-quality database. At the end of the day, it is important to learn from your mistakes and move on.

What May Have Gone Wrong

It’s true that fake data exists, but it’s also true that professional, dedicated, ethical and honest data vendors too exist. The first and foremost reason why you were handed with fake data is that you did not invest enough time in analyzing various data vendors and eventually chose the wrong one. A marketer has to be very cautious while choosing a data vendor especially when the market is full of crooks who are trying to lure them with unbelievable discounts and offers.

Also, there are many fake businesses who pretend to be one of the top data vendors by keeping their brand name similar to that of a market leading list provider. A marketer must verify the authenticity of a vendor and then go forward.

Make No Compromise When It Comes To Quality of Data

One must never compromise on the quality element of the data just for the sake of discounts or extra data. When it comes to buying a mailing list, quality always scores over quantity. Spending a little more to acquire a qualitative email database will save you from future disappointments and help you achieve the desired objectives from your marketing activities.

While selecting a mailing list provider, you must practice due diligence, analyze multiple vendors and select the one that best addresses your marketing challenges.

Know the Data Collection Process and Source of Data

While you communicate with different data vendors in your list purchasing process, ask as many questions as possible and do not leave any room for doubts. It is also imperative to know how a certain vendor collects data and how authentic their sources are. Also, you must also inquire about the collection and verification process followed by the list provider and how often they update their data.

Remember! The key to make the most out of your data marketing investments is to do a bit of research and practice due diligence. Once you find a reliable and trustworthy database vendor, you no more have to worry about fake data.

Author: Robert Duke

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