Looking For an Office Space? Consider Co-Working

A good working space is a must when you commence your start-up journey. You certainly cannot call a garage or your home apartment as your office headquarters and cannot invite clients to the same Starbucks café for meetings. In the beginning, your living spaces might seem like the ideal location to set-up the office, but even the passionate of entrepreneurs lose their focus when they work around their family members in a homely environment.

In 2005, Brad Neuberg was the one to create the first ever co-working space. According to him, a co-working space is “a workspace that combines the freedom of working for yourself with the community and creativity of a traditional job”. Here are few benefits that you might enjoy working in a co-working space.


Co-working spaces cost considerably less in comparison to getting your own office space on rent. For startups, freelancers and small businesses that always face a cash crunch, a co-working space can be a big savior.

Makes Networking Easy

A co-working place brings together people having different skill-sets on a same space. This helps each one of them build new contacts and also help them find new clients or investors.

Easily Available Office Essentials

When you work at a co-working space, you need to spend minimum time on setting up the desks or arrange a conference room. Many such facilities are readily available in these spaces along with good internet connection, and other office essentials.

Improve Productivity

A co-working space lets you focus on your work and you get to work around people who are working hard to excel in their fields.


Co-working allows you to work alone or bring a team and select a suitable space that best fits your requirements. Based on your changing requirements or scale of operations, you may expand or shrink the area you may require.

The concept of a co-working space is surely a boon for small and medium businesses, start-ups, individual consultants and freelancers who have got the talent and the right skills sets but do not find the right place to exercise the same. A co-working space gives them a shared ecosystem which offers many ways to learn and grow.

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Author: Robert Duke

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