6 Marketing Lessons to Learn From Super Bowl LI

Tom Brady and the Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in the history of Super Bowl last Sunday. However, if we look at it from the marketing and advertising point of view, besides the Patriots, who else was the winner?

For nearly half a century, Super Bowl has been one of the biggest advertising events that keep millions of people glued to their television sets. It is the most watched show on television every year and Super Bowl LI 2017 witnessed over 110 million viewers. Reasoned to this, advertisers do not hesitate to even spend $5 million dollars for just about 30 seconds of airtime. In fact, Super Bowl’s commercial breaks now get nearly the same hype as the event itself.

Making the most out of the opportunity this year, few advertisers won our hearts with extremely creative advertisements, few tickled our funny bones, and others reminded us of our social and human values. For instance, Budweiser paid a tribute to its immigrant co-founder, Coca-Cola aired their famous “America, the Beautiful” commercial, Airbnb’s “We Accept” commercial, Audi’s “Daughter” ad, NFL’s Super Bowl babies, Snickers’ live commercial and many others did not fail to impress us. Apart from the nail-biting match, record-making overtime, and Brady’s heroics, there are some key takeaways for marketers too. Listed below are few of them:

1. Know Your Target Audience Well:

Many brands that aired television commercials during the Super Bowl this year chalked out their advertising messages considering the part of the population who can be their probable customers and what matters the most to their customers.  

2. Make a Connection, Not an Ad:

Brands were able to identify customer touch points and meticulously crafted their advertising messages in such a way that people could relate to them emotionally. The political conundrum in America is certainly one such touch point which advertisers subtly touched upon. Some ad commercials focused more on social messaging than just talking about their brand. To establish a connection with your target audience, this could be one of the best strategies.

3. Gone In 30 Seconds:

It might cost you a bomb to buy advertising space for even 30 seconds, but it’s worth spending money considering a huge audience watching the Super Bowl. It’s a great opportunity to reach out to millions of people through television ads and make a long lasting impression in people’s minds.

4. Not the End Yet:

The Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons was the story of a great comeback. And there is nothing like watching a team that is lagging behind in the first half and changing the game in their favor in the second half. The same doctrine applies to marketing too. As a marketer, you cannot assume the end of responsibility once you have implemented your advertising and marketing strategies. The game needs to be on until you win it. You need to constantly engage with customers through different media channels, constantly keep an eye on their changing sentiments towards your brand. If you see positive sentiments building up for your brand, there could be nothing better than hitting the hammer when it’s hot. You must engage more with your customers using multiple media such as print ads, qualitative content, email marketing, social media and more. If not anything else, you will surely end up making fans who might be your future customers.

5. Go Mobile:

More than 90 percent people watching the show turned to mobile phones during commercials. This could be a challenge as well as an opportunity for marketers to make use of mobile call to action by sending out SMS offers during Super Bowl commercials or encouraging the audience to download their mobile apps to avail special offers. At the same time, brands should also have simultaneous promotions going on in social media channels and news sites to compliment their core marketing strategies.

6. Humor Always Works:

If nothing works, Humor is nothing. It truly works. The Mountain Dew’s “PuppyMonkeyBaby” ad might be outrageous to many viewers but brings out a creative concept. Humor certainly works best when it comes to video advertisements and with the presence of social media channels; the scope of humor extends even further.

The main marketing takeaway of Super Bowl LI would be to not just motivating people to buy your products but to make long lasting fans and build positive sentiments around your brand. It takes marketing from a level where you instigate customers to spend money to a new level where you make an emotional, friendly connect with them and talk about things that they feel for.

Author: Robert Duke

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