5 Essential Digital Marketing Tips For Your Christmas Campaigns

Christmas is just around the corner and if you haven’t planned your marketing campaigns for the festival yet, it’s high time you do a quick planning and put your digital marketing strategy in place. While it’s a holiday season in many parts of the world, it’s also one of best times for marketers to sign off their year on a profitable note. Here are a few digital marketing tips that you may try to shore up your online business in Christmas this year.

1. PPC Campaigns: It’s tempting to invest into a PPC campaign as it looks most profitable to many marketers. But remember, just like you, other retailers and online businesses could also be planning the same. What you can do to benefit the most from your PPC campaigns is to do a proper research and identify keywords that address your clients’ demands rather than using generalized keywords. This will help you keep the costs controlled and drive your target customers to visit your website.

2. Review and Retouch Your Website’s Landing Pages: When your target audience visits your website, there should be the right set of hooks on your landing pages to hold their attention. You may draw their attention to the most exciting product that you offer or you may highlight certain offers on your landing page that they may find interesting.

 3. Social Media: Social Media is one of the most efficient marketing platforms which may do wonders for you. Depending upon the interests of your target customers, decide upon the social media platforms that you would like to promote your products or services on, and post interesting content, offers, images and videos that may help you bring traffic to your website. You may also use sponsored adverts to improve your online visibility and boost conversations around your brand across different platforms.

4. Email Marketing: While all other marketing platforms are flooded with promotional content, emails are something that may still get you the desired results. Email marketing can significantly help you generate greater sales especially when you send emails to your subscribers as they have already signed up to receive your emails and are interested in your offerings. Also, remember that all of us love coupons, codes and offers, and if you drop one in your customer’s mailbox, there are chances that they may check your product out and may buy it. Don’t ignore the positioning of call to action buttons while designing your email.

5. Content Promotion: Creating relevant and useful content for your target audience may help you attract high amount of traffic. Identify topics that your target segment could be interested in, design appealing content, and promote the same across all possible platforms complimenting the same with relevant pictures, gifs and videos.

Author: Robert Duke

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