5 Easy Tips to Writing a Decent Subject Line for Marketing Emails

How do you determine which emails you would like to see once you open your mailbox? Most experts believe that it is the name of the sender that the users first look at. If they see an email from noreply@abc.com or any such email address, there are high chances that they would not bother to open those emails. What do they see next? Yes, the subject line!

Writing the perfect subject line is one of the most crucial elements of your marketing process. Even if you have the best email content to convey the reader to go a step further and express their interest, a bad subject line can ruin everything for you and may not even encourage the reader to open your email in the first place. Here are few tips to writing an appealing subject line for your email which can get you amazing results.

1. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind: If your email addresses a lawyer or a doctor, dare not use a loud and fancy subject line. Your subject line must be appealing to the corresponding readers it is meant for.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet: Long subject lines may not appeal your readers to open your emails. Instead, try simple, precise and honest subject lines that give readers a fair idea of what your email is all about. 

3. Convey a Sense of Urgency: Wait, you need to convey a sense of urgency, not emergency. Basically, use action oriented verbs. Your subject line must be written in a way that readers get curious to read your emails there and then rather than thinking those emails are not urgent and can be read later.

4. Make Readers Feel Special: Using subject lines that establish a personal connect and make the readers of your emails feel special can do wonders. Subject lines such as ‘An Offer Just for You’, ‘You Are Invited for the Big Day’ can get the readers open your emails.

5. Don’t Use ALL CAPS: Subject lines with all capital letters seem very loud and dominating. Most people perceive such emails as spams and put them into thrash.

Writing a subject line may not essentially be a rocket science, but it must be well thought-out depending upon the nature of your target customers. Although you can experiment with the subject lines and figure out what works best for you.

Author: Robert Duke

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