3 Digital Marketing Trends Soon to Expire

The marketing world has never been static. It has undergone changes, removal, and adaptation of many old and new trends; and the process is never-ending. However, to go hand in hand with the extremely digitalized era, these marketing trends are now advancing more than ever.

Marketers are experiencing that some of the most popular digital marketing strategies that were the staple to their marketing structure are failing to work as they worked earlier. Hence, such approaches are needed to be eliminated for bringing space for new and better trends.

If you are planning to win more qualified leads and to increase revenue in 2018, you need to cut-down these three digital marketing trends that are about to expire:

1. Long Form eBook

An eBook works great at educating your potential buyers with fun and engaging conversational tone. Traditionally, most of the eBooks are written with heavy text and long-form content.

But, as the customer preferences have taken a massive shift from desktop to mobile-view, mobile-friendly content has been accepted worldwide. The demand for mobile-responsive content is increasing, and it has been predicted that it will increase more by 2018.

Let’s accept it; these heavy texted, or PDF format eBooks might fail to reach your audience. So, begin with focusing less on heavily texted eBooks and more mobile-optimized content such as quizzes with trending topics, short or long videos, and industry surveys.

2. Excess focus on Automated Campaigns

Automated email campaigns are believed and followed as a must-have technique by almost every business around the world.

The case is not same anymore. B2B marketers have started accepting that they deal with ‘people’ not with ‘businesses’ and people get engaged more when they perceive a personal touch in their business emails. It is almost impossible to deliver 100 automated emails to 100 different prospects and to accept higher or equal engagement rate.

2018 will be the year of trimming down the excess of indulgence in automated marketing where marketers will move towards implementing more personalization in their email marketing campaigns.

3. Text-based Content Marketing Strategy

By 2018, content will go vivid than ever. In the generation led by technology, consumers are more likely to view or read content that is short yet educative and interesting yet relevant. They are driven more towards content that is conveyed in a unique manner. And this is the reason that content has become more than text including – images, videos, GIFs, and audios. Many research reports have proved that such kind of content is more shareable than text-based content.

Inserting a video in email can increase CTR up to 300%. (Contently)

So, invest more in expanding your content-structure. Focus on the ways that entice more readers.


Taking your content from ‘text’ to ‘more than text’ doesn’t meet the purpose – you also need to optimize your content to make it reachable for searchers.

Author: Robert Duke

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