Big Data in the Role of Big Daddy for the Customers

With the growing business area and technological conditions, global communication and the way to contact customers and business partners have become a part and parcel of company’s brilliance. With big data offerings to your company, relevant information can enhance the contact center and the customer service. Damon Lockwood co-founder of Open Span provides an insight on what Big data’s role is for the company.

In a contact center, main enterprise is divided into customer service and office business. For both the divisions, big data has been a source of information and validity. Statistics and analysis of key functions go out of its position when used in an invaluable way. In spite of using it in a creative way the reports have the chances to not help in a progressive way. When it comes to scenario like Contact center, big data though accumulated in huge amount, should also have the quality to organize itself in such a way that each unit is able to use it in a productive way. The user’s task is like a factory which turns the entire raw material into a product of utility.

Big data triggering up Contact center and Back Office setup

Earlier the tasks undertaken by both the departments were tacky and hectic in terms of collecting data, believing that such data collection is precise and result driving. The reports ended up being highly inauthentic. But now, capturing and analyzing the data has become easier with respect to time and space. In the past data was collected regardless of its use and essentially for the company, hence causing bulkiness. With the transformed big data, processing involves activities that situates from before, during and after the customer conversation. It gathers more information on how agents are executing and accomplishing their tasks. The whole process of data collecting begins with the worker’s desktop and ends with that, therefore, the big data use the desktop data to examine and analyze the result rather than accumulating the whole of it.

This analysis through big data can give a direct entry to agent’s work. Details on each transaction, further tactics to improve the system and to peep in each steps involved in and to regulate it accordingly by rectifying it becomes easier. Big data helps the company to work effectively. In certain cases big data has helped the running down company to recover from its crisis. The aim of every organization is to better customer experience. Big data helps the agents to speed up the call handling job and also in decreasing the time the agents spend on customers by simplifying the overall procedure and function.

Big data’s advice like a Big daddy:

Use big data to know more about the customers, agent and the system. It will always rescue you from crisis. It can modify the transaction in your whole enterprise for its own good and reward your organization with immense number of customers for a lifetime.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.

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