Best Techniques to Grow Your Small Business Email Lists

Whether it is a small business or a big one it is always a big concern for every email marketer to grow their mailing lists with quality sales leads. However, today email addresses of potential prospects keep on changing at a rapid pace. So, in- order to plant the seeds to keep your Small Business Mailing List tough and growing you must follow the below listed steps to build your small business email marketing lists.

1. Furnish useful content:

In – order to stand out from the competition, and retain your subscribers, you must provide your subscribers with valuable and useful content. Moreover, you must take the effort of answering frequently asked questions in the form of a guide or ebook, or you can arrange for a webinar. You can also share valuable tips with your subscribers through your blogs. How often you will mail and what your readers can expect should be mentioned on your opt-in form page. Once your good reputation is built, your audience will automatically sign up after knowing that they will get something valuable and not just promotional offers.

2. Subscribing procedure should be simple:

It is always advisable to keep your sign – up procedure super simple to grab more subscribers. Your opt – in – form should be easy to find on your website. Remember that the shorter you keep your form, it will be more probable that people will sign up. So, in the form just ask for an email address and first name, additional information can always be obtained later.

3. Working on your social media networks is a must:

These days it is a trend to add an email opt- in form on the Facebook Timeline to dig up more subscribers. This you can very well do with the help of a tool named “Wufoo”, which can enable you to build online forms, as well as email opt in forms that can be used everywhere. Moreover, you can also tweet links to your email subscription page or opt – in – form, at least on a weekly basis on Twitter or Google+. Remember to mention the value that your subscribers will get.

It is difficult to accomplish success in email marketing campaigns without expanding your email lists. Therefore, you must keep no stone unturned to build your mailing list by maintaining the highest accuracy, so that your messages land up in your readers’ preference in boxes and there is less risk of an ISP obstructs your messages because of outdated, ruined, or forged email addresses.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.

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