Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Influencer Marketing to Win Campaigns

Do you want to increase your brand awareness and reach? Are you running out of time or do not have sufficient resources to gain maximum brand attention? Worry not. Influencer marketing is the best pick for you. It is one of the incredibly powerful strategies that enhance the authority and builds trust among the customers. The recognition through this way of marketing does much more than giving exposure to your brand in the social media environment.

It turns your brand into a hot topic, generates mass word-of-mouth, engages the audience more legitimately, drives quicker customer acquisition, and creates a path for extremely higher ROI in a cost-effective manner. However, like every other marketing strategies, you will reap maximum benefit out of influencer marketing only when you execute it properly. There are some do’s and don’ts B2B marketers should pay heed to before jumping head first into this tactic.

1. Don’t: Expecting Influencers to work for you at less cost

Most of the newbies expect influencers in their niche market to work for them for free. Although it worked in the initial days of influencer marketing, you cannot expect the same at this age. Some influencers would promote other brands in exchange for discounts or free merchandise, but they do not follow the same pattern now. As they spend a considerable amount of effort and time curating the social media contents, they expect some sort of monetary support. Being an influencer has become a full-time job, so respect their hard work and pay them fairly for their job.

Do: Working with the influencers with fair compensation

Try to find the right influencer whose audience aligns well with your target market. So, you don’t have to end up paying too much to reach maximum prospects. Some influencers in your niche market may also charge a massive amount for promoting your product or services. Feel free to negotiate a fair price in exchange for their post in such cases. Always think in term of generating mutual benefit.

2. Don’t: Losing contact with influencers after campaign execution

It is quite common that some of the marketers pay their influencers after the campaign, thank them and move on. This simple mistake will likely cost you future partnerships with that particular influencer. Therefore, it is highly essential to treat the influencer like a valued partner instead of treating them crucial for a single campaign or post.

Do: Partnering with the right influencer

If you want to gain more authentic or better posts about your brand regularly, we recommend you to cultivate a partnership with the influencer. This longstanding bond between you and the influencer will motivate them to work more on multiple campaigns and develop a strong relationship with the audience.

3. Don’t: Working with the influencer only for brand awareness

Still today, some brands invest money on influencer marketing just for general brand awareness. It is essential that influencers promote your brand in a specific way as you pay a considerable amount for their work. But while doing so, they forget to track the outcome of these campaigns which may lead to a substantial loss in the later stage.

Do: Making some time to track the result of influencer marketing strategy

Be ready with some parameter to measure the progress of influencer marketing before beginning the campaign. Tell them about the results you would like to see after campaign execution. You can set metrics for their task based on their past work as well as a number of followers. A simple parameter to track their work could be a number of likes, shares, or comments on the promoted posts.

4. Don’t: Look for macro influencers to promote your brand

Most of the organizations believe that asking big-name celebrities or influencers to promote their product is the best way to gain more engagement. But sadly, this isn’t true in the case of influencer marketing. The user engagement that comes with popular influencers is much lower when compared to the micro influencer counterparts. Also, prices are way too higher for macro influencers, which makes it difficult for small firms to benefit from their partnership. Although in some cases, the macro Influencer could produce the desired result, they may take a long time to reach all your target prospects and thereby produces lower returns.

Do: Consider micro influencers as well

Micro influencers are the popular alternative to the macro influencer. Although they have fewer followers than macro influencers, they tend to have higher audience engagement as they focus only on a specific area. As a result, we can expect much higher returns when compared to macro influencers. Also, micro influencers are ready to promote your brand for less price. So, businesses can try different marketing strategies with multiple micro influencers in the local market.

5. Don’t: Using only one channel for influencer marketing

Some marketers make this mistake of using the power of influencer marketing only on one specific channel. For instance, using only Instagram can gain you massive engagement as it is the top platform for influencers today, but you will not be able to cover all your audience in this channel alone. Trends and preferences keep changing continuously. So, you must use various social media platforms to promote the brand. Find the influencer who uses different platforms and reaches your target audience quickly on different mediums.

Do: Use as many channels as possible for better result

You might feel comfortable using one channel for brand promotion. But when combined with other social media platforms, you will reap maximum returns on your investment. Along with Instagram, you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube to run the campaigns. Many famous personalities in these channels can quickly engage the audience more proficiently.

6. Don’t: Looking only at the number of followers of the influencer

There isn’t anything wrong in considering the number of followers of an influencer. But focusing only on that particular aspect could drive awareness but not conversion or engagement. So, you must look past those numbers. See if they can produce high-quality promotional content for your business and can engage more users. It leads to more success than any other factor. It is always essential to make sure that their content is genuine and is capable of gaining maximum attention. The simplest way to verify their content includes checking their past work and making sure their social media presence is much broader.

Do: Looking at the overall style of the influencer

Find the follower who is capable of driving more engagement to the content. Build your bond with such influencers. One of the easiest ways to obtain such influencer is by looking at their overall style. That is, research their past promotions as well as the type of followers (not just number of followers). If the influencer you chose worked for your competitor in the past, it might not create a good impression among prospects. So, learning more about them is very much essential for your business growth.

7. Don’t: Being specific about a post or campaign type

Micromanaging your influencer or interfering with their work always will lead to disaster. Although it is essential to give them some guidance about the content type or number of posts to publish, the more you restrict them or tie them to the boundary, you take away their freedom to promote your brand with authenticity or eagerness. So, give them enough degree of freedom for creativity while executing the campaigns. Respect their creativity and let them create the content in their best way.

Do: Allowing creativity while promoting your contents

We understand that it is difficult to give more freedom to the influencer while marketing your brand. But not giving them enough space to work creatively will hamper your business growth severely. So, one should not overlook this simple yet crucial point. No freedom to create a post like how they wish will result in less effective content.

Time to Place Your Brand at the Top!!

Now you know how partnering with the right influencer will help you reap benefit almost immediately. So, why wait? Pick the right influencer for your business and launch a strategic campaign with the right content for the right audience. It will give your campaign traction right away. And these benefits are said to continue over time.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.
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