Interactive B2B Email Marketing for Higher Engagement

You might have already clicked on or swiped the interactive email contents earlier. Generally, e-commerce and retail companies experiment such contents that are exclusively designed to increase the subscriber’s engagement rate. It can be a product demo in GIF form or any microsites with a variety of interactive elements in it such as product feature slideshows, embedded survey forms, fully functional carts, and more. As per Martech Advisor report, interactive email content is said to increase the click-to-open rate by 73% whereas adding videos can further boost click rates up to 300%.

That’s fascinating. Isn’t it? But what about B2B marketers? Do they leverage such interactive emails in their campaign? Is it possible to engage B2B customers using such Email Marketing contents? An embedded animal GIF may not appeal to your readers, but there are undoubtedly other ways to do it in the right manner. Here are a few effective and must-try ideas to help you get started. Take a look at it.

1. Accordioned Content: 

Is your email content too long? Scrolling through such email is a pain, especially for mobile users. There are chances where recipients may lose interest and close your email without even giving it a second thought. We recommend you to use accordion in such scenarios. An accordion email will show only section headings, and users can click on any to view the content entirely. It gives the readers an option to see only the content that interests them and thereby increases the engagement rate drastically.

Moreover, you don’t have to be familiar with coding to integrate such elements. You can work with some third parties to create as well as embed accordion design into your emails.

2. Graphs: 

Graphs have always been the most natural way of presenting data. But how about animating the same figure to grab the attention of the recipients? That sounds pretty cool, right? You can represent your company’s performance or product features using animated graphs. You can also highlight the key points or summarize the massive data using them. The visual representation will always have more impact on the readers than any plain text.

3. Integrated Forms: 

Using a fillable form within an email increases the response rate quickly. Instead of sending a link to feedback forms or surveys via email, you can quickly build an interactive email form. All your subscribers have to do is just open up the email and mention their response. They don’t have to follow any specified links or visit third-party websites. They can fill the form directly from their mobile device within the email. This method increases user interactivity as well as clicks.

Apart from surveys, B2B companies can also use this element for demo requests, email preference centers, and gated content downloads such as eBooks, white papers, etc.

4. Sliders: 

You might have considered sliders as unfeasible in B2B emails. But, if you have multiple product options with unique visuals, we suggest you feature them in a slideshow. That’s the excellent way to make your product look visually appealing with various colors and dimensions. Besides, you can also control the speed of the sliders and reveal only the necessary information to make the readers curious. Major email clients like Apple email and Thunderbird support this element with no compatibility or limitations issue.

5. Video: 

Including short video introducing your company, or your product/service in your email can boost the customer engagement in a way plain HTML text won’t. Take a look at the survey result by Zembula. Survey participants were shown text-only email and an email with both the text and video content. They were asked to pick the one which was more engaging to them. Only 35% of survey respondents preferred traditional email campaigns while the remaining 65% more likely responded to the email with video in it.

Engaging Video

                                                                                Source: Zembula

Although using videos in the email have become prevalent, it’s still a bit tricky. You must keep the video content short and straightforward. Otherwise, it impacts your email performance, making it hard for the subscribers to load or open. If you still need to include a long video, we advise you to add a clickable image that’s directly hyperlinked to your website or YouTube channel, where it plays full-length video seamlessly.

6. GIFs: 

GIF falls somewhere between a photo and a video. It’s more potent than any still image and cost-effective than any video content. It’s far easier to create and loads faster. So, you can use them in your email campaign and quickly capture the subscriber’s attention. The same survey report by Zembula shows how users love GIF content. 69% of users prefer email with GIF over any of the static emails.

Email Campaign

                                                                                Source: Zembula

Use GIFs to demonstrate products, or send any short tutorials to the user. But make sure to keep your content professional because no dancing cats will interest your B2B customers. Also, animate only what’s required because a larger GIF file takes more time to load and frustrates the readers.

7. Menus: 

Providing an option for the subscribers to navigate the B2B email content through a menu is one of the heavenly ideas to enhance user engagement. Much like your website, users can navigate to their favorite page instead of reading the whole thing. It is a great way to add colossal content to your emails in a limited space. Be it a hamburger or tab menu, see which performs better with your target audience and implement them.

This simple yet efficient element will encourage customers to navigate within the email and significantly improves the email click-through rate.

Take Away

It’s evident that interactive content will grow unceasingly along with the rising expectation of customers. No matter what industry you are into, customers expect higher engagement and personalization from brands. By using interactive email, you can more likely lure them into reading the content, remembering it, and sharing it with others.

If you are planning to integrate any of the above elements in your next campaign, be sure to test and retest every element in your email continuously. Not all email clients or devices support interactive contents equally. Hence, by examining them thoroughly before hitting the send button, you can ensure that it works well for your business and also your customers.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.
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