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Blue Mail Media Helps a Leading Marketing Service Provider with Targeted Technology Users Database

Client Background

The client is a leading marketing services provider in USA, who assists numerous technology firms in planning and implementation of their marketing campaigns. Having built a strong reputation in the service industry, the client has emerged as a leading name in targeted marketing for technology industry across North America.

As market dynamics, competition and technology landscape changed, the client could not keep up with the flow and faced intricacies in segregating the target market, segmenting them through customer profiling and launching systemized direct marketing campaigns in both acquired, new, and niche markets.


The decision making hierarchy in the IT industry needs highly targeted marketing through various channels. Since there exists huge number of products, solutions and services in the industry, customer segmentation
based on industry, offering or geography was the highly demanded value. There were also many niche verticals within IT sector that needed attention. The client could not acclimatize to these changes in the market demand and failed to help clients to their satisfaction.

Solution Phase:

Blue Mail Media was approached by the client to obtain a B2B lead list that was highly segmented and customized. Our team invested considerable time in understanding client’s requirements and objectives, and started building customized list in alignment with the client’s needs.
Within a week, Blue Mail Media delivered accurate targeted list to the client, which helped them achieve unexpected success from their campaigns.

Final Outcome:

The client demanded previous case histories of similar instances which were provided to them. After careful evaluation, executives at Blue Mail Media got down to build a database that aligned with the client’s requirements. The client then started to plan and launch campaigns, sorted as per the campaign target market and scenario.
This helped the client to regain its leadership as a marketing service provider for the technology industry. The team at Blue Mail Media has been helping them since then, in each of their targeted marketing campaigns for the technology sector.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager and Spokesperson of Blue Mail Media.

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