Advantages of a Health Care Provider Database

Accurate Data is very important for a successful marketing campaign. So, if your corporation is looking to market products and services to healthcare institutes or professionals then you must definitely rely on a precise health care provider database.

Now, the question arises here is that: what is a healthcare provider database?

Well, a health care provider database, is an entire list of all hospitals, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, laboratories, dentists, and every possible sort of health care existing in a particular nation. Apart from the names of all the health care providers, in the healthcare provider database, you can find their contact details which include their phone numbers, addresses and fax numbers. The contact details are updated on a monthly basis moreover, their specialty information is appropriately mentioned in the database.

Now, Let us take a sneak peek on the broad range of benefits of a Healthcare provider database.

Occasionally the health care provider database assists to enhance the health care provider data. The database can build a targeted list of health care providers by location, gender, specialty and many more. With accurate mailing address, phone number, etc., the database can create mailing lists.

Based on State License Number, Health Care Provider Names, Credentials, Addresses of home and practice chamber, Phone number and Fax number, NPI number, Authorized Official Name, Specialty code and Crosswalking IDs, the Healthcare provider data can be matched and validated.

Whenever any healthcare provider has updated any information, the healthcare provider database can spot that new update.

The database can make out health care providers who have a Medicare billing license. It can also identify all the health care providers who work at the same location. Whenever two or more health care provider practice mutually in a group the database can identify that. Moreover, it can recover the data of deactivated health care providers. The health care provider gets alerts and detect what went wrong if a health care provider is removed from the federal health care provider database.

Following are the other advantages of a health care database:

  • Based on a speciality the database can successfully search a health care provider.
  • It can import health care provider data into its different applications.
  • The database can build various clinical applications and trial participant tools.
  • Market analysis can be easily and effectively carried out by the health care provider database.
  • Based on extensive research of all the healthcare providers the database can also create data.

Furthermore, the classifications based on Federal certification are integrated in the healthcare provider database. With the help of a health care provider database the activities and data on healthcare providers can be regularly monitored. The health care provider database claims that every information is correct and current updated.


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Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales