7 Must-known Ideas to Turn Social Media Connections into Sales

All of us are aware of the transformation that social media channels have brought in our lives, right from the way we communicate, share information, and play games. If we think from the perspective of business, every post made on a social media platform is an opportunity for customers to convert, giving you access to both new and old clients and allowing you to interact with all of them.

Going with the current trend, you might also be very active on social platforms and even have quite a huge following. But, have you ever thought to utilize your social connections as a tool of your marketing campaigns?

 Of course, you have, right?

You might have been putting all your efforts to make the best use of your connections as part of your social media strategy. But, have you taken up initiatives to convert your social media contacts into sales for your business?

Your answer might be, not really!

Don’t worry; it is not only you who has ignored this aspect. Many are there who have never made use of their social identity on Facebook or Twitter or even thought of using it to boost sales.

But, you know it’s never too late. Once you have realized where you are lacking, you should start working on it right away. Follow these seven ideas and get started with converting friends into sales.

Make Use of Gist

Gist is a useful business tool that helps you build stronger relationships with your social connections. It provides critical information about all of them like what they’re doing, saying and sharing across a variety of social media platforms. Such pieces of informations are always beneficial before offering your products or services to the customer because prior knowledge of what prospects wants can help you in shaping your offer accordingly that will have chances of getting approved rather than getting rejected.

Address Customer Issues

Social media has made it easier for business owners or marketers to be aware of customer’s frustrations, their needs, and challenges through their tweets, updates and blog posts. Only reading their grievances will be of no use. You have to utilize this opportunity and try to leave a good impression on them by addressing their issues. Try to find a solution to their problems and to do so you can create informative webinar or ebook that will comprise expertise advice about a particular topic. Use listening tools like Google Reader, Google Alerts or Social Mention, etc. to track trending conversations around brands or keywords.

Simplify Web Use

Often we see that most of the fan pages of businesses on social platforms don’t allow you to shop there. Rather, they take customers to their website having to click through to proceed further. It may annoy your visitor, and there are chances that you end up losing a sale. But, scenarios have changed quite a lot with Facebook keeping the option of Shop Now on fan pages powered by Payvment. So, use this platform and present your offerings in a pleasant way so that you draw people’s attention turn a general visit into sales.

Meet Your Connections

If you’ve made online connections then why don’t you try to meet them in person? It is perhaps one of the best ways to leverage your social connection and try o crack a deal. Also, you can create a group and schedule events at Meetup.com to offer prospects some valuable information on their various problems. Face to face interaction will give you the chance to communicate with the targeted audience and convey how useful your offerings can be for him. Your pleasant personality and impressive attitude will be an added advantage when you go for a direct sales meeting.

Host Webinar or Create ebook

Webinar or ebooks are always helpful in converting contacts into sales as it provides you the opportunity to express expertise on a specific topic. By creating interesting webinars and displaying them before your contacts can fetch you, attention and hence help in generating sales.

Leverage the Power of Groupon

Groupon is one of the most exciting new tools for businesses today. If you have no idea on it, then Google right away. But for the time being, let us tell you what it is. This tool merges collective buying power with social media to give businesses exposure and guaranteed customers. The subscribers who sign up are notified on deals in their area of interest through emails featuring particular product or service at an unbelievable price on a regular basis. In return, you just need to pay Groupon a portion of each sale.

Have a Conversion Strategy

For the success of any business, you need to have a strategy or a plan that will give you a clear objective on what you need to do to achieve a target. Without a plan for conversion, even your widespread social connection will not be fruitful. Before going ahead with your social media activities, first, you need to identify your goals and the ways to measure success. For making your program effective, you need to ensure that you have adequate resources and budget to make it happen. Also, during the entire process don’t forget to assess your activities to keep a track on how well your initiatives are doing.

Social media is not just about creating contacts. It is best utilized when served as a medium for boosting your business, right?

Then stop thinking and start implementing these ideas immediately and see the results.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.
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