4 Ways to approach business executives globally in 2016

It’s not essentially difficult to reach c-level executives; the only thing is that it just takes a slightly unique strategy to deal with. As technology progresses day by day, so does our competence to serve CEOs specifically what they are looking high and low online. And when advertising accomplishes that, it is considered as a service, rather than an intrusion.

A study released by Forbes.com and Gartner brings into line on C-level executive behavior. The research rounds off that the Internet continues to be the most persuasive and big-league source of approaching the C-level executives around the world.


The Main focuses of the far-reaching Research:

The list permits you to directly connect with key decision makers like:

  • It pins down that the internet is the best dependable source to reach executive-level decision makers.
  • Online information are considered to be the trusted source of information by a study released by Forbes.com
  • Senior executives research competitors and all contemporary trends in the industry, online daily.
  • Executives’ usage-methodology of search engines

Let’s delve into how marketers have recourse to various online sources to easily and cost-effectively reach executives.

Internet is the best dependable source

The Internet has become the topmost dependable source of business information to reach c-level executives. Executives find it more valuable for locating business related information than references from colleagues, newspapers, personal networks, TV or magazines. Executives are willing to click around to locate the right information, and will go after a path of links-driven complied with search results, content, and advertising.

Online information-the most trusted source

C-level Executives are the most prevalent users of the Internet for information gathering. CIOs and other IT leaders are the most anticipated executives to conduct Web searches, use online communities to gather information and recommendation seek out blogs and other Web 2.0 tools, or use online video over text.

Research competitors and contemporary trends in the industry online daily

The c-level executes are more and more consenting to network and look high and low for advice through online communities. While text is still the preferable format for c-level executive to receive information, webcasts, streaming video, and similar formats are proliferating and in prevalence

Executives’ usage of search engines

The report illustrates strong C-level usage of search engines, as supported by the following facts:

54% conduct online researches

34% go to the Web first to find information on a product or service

86% turn to search engines

Most number of c-level executives, when they look for information they turn to search engine results as the starting point. It goes without any doubt: the search engines play a magnificent role in executives’ decision making process. So, marketers should understand how executives search to capitalize on executives’ online behaviors.

Anything that aids CEOs save their time and do their job more proficiently is not only welcomed, at the same time appreciated.


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