2019 Marketing Plan Review

Well- structured marketing plan and budgeting keeps your entire organization focused on a specific goal. Although it takes time to develop a good marketing plan, it is crucial for the success of any business. Many companies estimate, or calculate their budget based on last year’s spending. This negligence results in wastage of money or shortage of it. Hence plan wisely at the beginning of the year to yield a fruitful result in the end.

    Tell Us Your Thoughts!

    1. Did you entirely spend your 2018 marketing budget?
    Yes, we are glad about itNo, we could not spend itPlanning to use it in 2019No plans for spending it We may or may not spendNot applicable to me
    2. Tell us on which strategy did you spend your marketing budget in 2018?
    On social media eventsOn marketing toolsOn paid campaignsOn outsourcing tasksAll the aboveNone of the above

    3. According to you, which is the right strategy to invest the left-over marketing budgets?
    On paid campaignsOn marketing automationOn Influencer MarketingOn buying email listsAll the aboveOther activities
    4. On what will you concentrate more in 2019?
    Content marketingSocial media activitiesPaid campaignsDirect marketingVideo marketingAll the above
    5. Is your organization ready with the 2019 marketing strategies?
    Fully ReadyActively working on itYet to begin with the planJust drafted the planIn the review phaseNot applicable
    6. What is the goal of your organization for 2019?
    Build brand valueIncrease sales/revenueIncreasewebsite trafficConvert LeadsEmbrace new trendAll the above

    Personal Info

    Samuel Joseph, Sales Head