10 Marketing Words of Wise for Your Small Business

Don’t have enough bucks to spend on your biz?

No worries – there are a plethora of marketing tricks that you can turn to while running short of budget.

Let’s see how far you can amplify those dollars!

Here come 10 marketing solutions for small businesses working on a small budget.

1. Rule out a one-size-fits-all strategy

There’s nothing such an exact failsafe approach to marketing, so diverge your stratagems. The sphere of marketing is measureless so the only crucial method to deal with the dynamic marketing strategies is to keep exploring and experimenting with a wide array of variations.

In this arena of marketing if you stick to a repetitive mode of business operation, your customers may pay no attention after a while. So always try to comply with the crucial stratagems of using different ways to communicate with potential customers –, leaflets classified ads, sales letters, social media, etc.

when some specialized marketing strategies work out for your customers for a particular period may not mandatorily work for other moment because Marketing strategies always count out a one-size-fits-all strategy.

2. Offer some discounts immediately after a purchase checkout.

Whenever your customer purchases a product/service from you, clinch the point in time and send them a note (a letter or email) by acknowledging them for their valuable time and money that they spent.

At the same time if you offer some discounts or a provision for free shipping to customers on their next buy will be effective enough to heighten your business. You should also include an expiration date so that your customers can do immediate action

3. Go for mail-outs

Opt for a professional-looking flyer, brochure or advert printed up and make certain you include it in all your outgoing mail. This is a cost-effective way to save your money by ruling out postage-expenses.

This also helps the potential customers to have something substantial that they can refer back to in the future, even if they are not in need of that right now.

4. Send Newsletters

Getting reach to new customers is a great sign in marketing arena, but getting repeat customer or return customer is a sign of prosperity. That’s why your strategy also should work out for keeping your existing customers.

For complying with this above strategy, go for newsletters to tune up your marketing on past customers. If you find printed newsletters that costly, figure out an e-mail newsletter sent to your subscribed customers at your website

5. Get the help of Social Media

Always try to be in touch with your customers to ensure they never forget you. This is the best ever way to pitch into a one-off customer into a valued repeat customer.

While doing this you need to give them gentle reminders as to why they might need you, without bombarding them through incessant mails. At this point of time social media such as Facebook or Twitter is the best convenient and reasonable option. By taking up email marketing also you can meet up with your specific requirements.

6. Have recourse to free advertising

Accomplish a systematic well-written ad and go for an internet ad directory, where you can post ads for free. Gumtree or Vivastreet are the best options for this.

7. Do sincere blogging

Blogging is the best effective and low-cost way of getting your existing clients involved as well as attracting new ones. Double-check your blog has been updated frequently with suitable content, to retain your subscribers’ interest. Extend the strength of your blog followers by dropping comments on other people’s blogs

8. Through Press Releases

Your local newspapers also can be the best means to approach to your potential customers. Try to send out a well-written press release through your local newspapers. The creation of extra jobs, a new business launch, a new contract, an open day/seminar, all do for compelling local news stories. Local press coverage is worthwhile because through this means you’re directly targeting potential customers who are nearby, and of course, it’s reasonable.

9. Small ad through postcard

Turn to a printed postcard, and send it to your respective prospects in your target- market. People are more likely to go through a message that is crispy and brief. A printed post card sincerely conveys the message in concise manner. A small ad on a postcard can be more impactful in order to drive a towering volume of traffic to your website and cause generating extra sales leads in a more cost-effective way.

10. Your website must be updated

Take a crisp observation at your website at regular intervals– could it go for an update? Your website performs as the direct means of advertising for your business and that is also for free, so make certain it should be always up-to-the-mark. Your commercial website must be best- focused with great relevant content as well as should be simple to navigate. Make safe your web copy must be free from any spelling-mistakes and grammatical errors. Your website must be the valuable connectivity to convey the message you wish to convey to your visitors in a compelling way

If you abide by the above rule, make sure your business is going to rock!

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.

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