10 Halloween Email Marketing Treats Your Subscribers Love

Halloween is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to begin with holiday marketing strategies. Although the idea of Halloween marketing seems fun, it’s quite challenging for most of the companies. Like carving the pumpkins to dressing up with a creepy costume, crafting a pleasing Halloween email campaign takes a lot of effort and creativity too.

To help you out in this area, we’ve handpicked some of the great ideas. These tips will spice up your Halloween emails without any doubt.

1. Adapt Halloween Ideas into Your Industry

Halloween marketing might look like a silly idea for your industry. But we bet the appropriate implementation of the holiday email campaign will offer a lot more benefits than you expect.

If you are into technology, you can include a spooky twist to your product, or an event invite. You can ask your customers to unlock some scarily remarkable software features. If you own a tourism firm, fret not. We have ideas for you too. Organize some Halloween events or promote some inspiring destinations. There are certain places with their local traditions around this season (like Ireland, Mexico, Romania, etc.), so it could be an excellent opportunity to promote such tourist spots.

So, no matter what industry you belong to, you can always brainstorm some ideas around Halloween.

2. Make Sure Your Email Looks Devilishly Good

Yes. Invest some time to dress up your halloween email as well. You need to clearly understand the nature of this season if you are doing Halloween marketing. We know that bats, spiders, pumpkins, moons, graveyards, Dracula, ghosts, witches, fake spider webs, and Frankenstein add up to spell this time in our minds.

However, don’t just cover your whole brand with such makeover, instead, come up with a stylish way that reflects the season. It could be an alternative logo or Halloween-themed design elements in your emails.

Devilish Emails

                                                                              Source: Accessorize

3. Craft a Warm and Spooky Email Subject Line

Since we are speaking about Halloween Email Marketing Campaigns, the subject line plays a crucial role here. Just like your newly designed Halloween costume, the subject line must be eye-catching and different. Make sure it’s short and relevant to the contents of your email. You can also add some spooky emoji’s to give it an extra touch.

Have a look at some of the famous Halloween email subject lines:

  • Land O’Lakes: 👻 Ghoul, treat yourself with these recipes
  • Hallmark: Kick off a spooktacular October!
  • Fortnum & Mason: So delicious it’s scary…
  • Taylor Stitch: A little treat to go with all the tricks this weekend!
  • Paper Source: Get These Spooky Best Sellers Before They Ghost!
  • Stella McCartney: BOO! Have a spooky Stella-ween

4. Present Trick And a Treat Offers in Your Email

Who doesn’t like the sweet offers? To grab the attention of the prospects, you should add a little incentive with a Halloween themed code. It’s an excellent way to give your subscriber a good laugh and also encourage free brand marketing.

Treat Offers In Your Email

                                                                                       Source: Jack Threads

Consider the above example by Jack Threads. Its Halloween-themed typography with 70% off promotional code is perfect for Halloween.

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5. Let There Be a Suspense in Your Messages

Come up with the halloween newsletter ideas that creates a sense of mystery. It helps you boost click-through rate, as your contacts are tempted to try out the puzzle or visit your website. Mystery deals will keep your subscriber hooked to your email this Halloween season. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Halloween Suspense Emails

                                                                                          Source: New Look

New Look has crafted a spooky email with a touch of surprise to it. They have picked a perfect background, a fun font, and a classic Halloween color scheme with a call-to-action button in the middle. It certainly impresses! Doesn’t it?

6. This Season Requires Appropriate Segmentation

Don’t forget that email marketing is all about segmentation. It helps you focus on the right target market. And, this applies to Halloween too. According to the analysis by eDataSource, 6% of campaigns scored open rates of 20% last Halloween. This poor result is due to weak or inaccurate targeting.

Halloween is a season that requires segmentation. If you have studied the celebration pattern thoroughly, you would know how it is different for different demographics. For instance, young people or parents with babies like very different Halloween-themed communication, and also their purchase needs are different.

So, it makes sense to customize the email based on segmentation, especially if your target market has various groups.

7. Let Your Email Be Innovative With Creative Design

As mentioned above, don’t make your email just about pumpkins or ghostly figures. Try some bold and innovative content. Take this example from Lands’ End. They have executed the Halloween email campaign ingeniously. They tried to bring their products to life by using animation. Instead of usual ‘Trick or Treat,’ they have opted ‘Black Magic’ as their email title.

Innovative Emails

                                                                                 Source: Lands’ End

8. Provide As Many Customized Solutions as Possible

Customers remember your effort. So, engage your audience with the right shot. Be it a customized email or a newly launched exclusive product, keep it helpful and relevant. Also, if possible, provide a link to everything one might need for the perfect Halloween party.

So, the subscriber knows that they have a cure for all their pain points. They will find all the stuff they are looking for so that they don’t have to look anywhere else. Besides, it saves their time from tiring Halloween decoration shopping.

9. Create a Halloween-Themed Loyalty Program

We know that loyalty program enhances revenue to a greater extent. But how about a Halloween-themed loyalty program? That sounds crazy. Isn’t it? That’s the thing about Halloween! You have to come up with original ideas that are funny and interesting too.

You can come up with the classy Halloween loyalty methods like escalating discounts for old customers. Or double the points that are redeemable against any purchase in Halloween month. If in case, you already have a loyalty program on your website, edit its theme to suit the Halloween celebration.

Halloween Loyalty Program

                                                                                     Source: Grammarly

The premium loyalty program by Grammarly expands the relationship with the customers.

Regardless of the program you use, make sure you serve as the trusted brand for the customers. Make sure your offers are something worth a little effort.

10. Hold Flash Sales throughout the Month

Flash sales are never old! It works like a charm for every festive season, including Halloween. So, hold Halloween-themed flash sale in this month and build urgency among the audience. This fast-paced, short-lived discount also creates a sense of scarcity in the market. So, if you want your product to go viral online, create a limited time offer that nobody wants to miss.

As exciting as the opportunities are, it may turn out to be a devastating experience if you fail to deliver the flash sales appropriately. There are several things one need to consider while putting together the flash sale master plan.

  • Choose only the most popular and desirable product to run a flash sale.
  • Study your customer’s purchase pattern to pick the right time to execute it.
  • Don’t overextend the duration of this campaign. Keep it short. Three hours is the ideal time.

Once you determine the product as well as timing, build up the excitement for your flash sale with smart promotion.

Now it’s your turn

Halloween emails are cool. They differ from any regular emails, and that’s the reason why people are more inclined to open them. So, use them to your advantage. Create a powerful Halloween email campaign with the help of the tips mentioned here. It makes your campaign devilishly good while providing you with an option to have a little fun too 😉

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.
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