10 Best Tips How To Make Your Purchased List Profitable [Free Guide]

If you are an entrepreneur seeking opportunities in the market to sell your products and services, this may be valuable to you. Sending out emails can be tricky if you are oblivious about the ethics that dictate the right and wrong about sending out emails.

It is something every marketer must know. The overall risk associated with sending unsolicited emails on behalf of your company is that an irked recipient can report abuse or raise a spam complaint. It may not benefit your marketing effort because your ability to send email can cripple if ISP blacklists you.

Here Are 10 Best Practices To Be Followed While Sending A Purchased Email List:

  • Perform Sender Verification
  • Choose Reputed List Provider
  • Choose Niche Elements
  • Purchase Sizable Emails
  • Clean your List
  • Test your List
  • Say No to Generic Email Address
  • Do Not Rent A List
  • Avoid Recurrent Purchase
  • Do Not Have Impractical Expectations after receiving Your List



    Samuel Joseph, Sales Head